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Asset based commnity / citizen led Development

The development industry seems to have two main approaches – a needs based and an asset based approach. The needs based approach starts a process, programme or project based on the needs, deficiencies and disabilities. The asset based approach starts with assets, skills and gifts. Which is more life giving and empowering? Within Cultural Connections we have facilitators who have run asset based community development workshops internationally, in person and online, and have come to see that the asset based approach is more suitable for our world as we move forward. Starting with what we have, building with what we know, taking stock of our own assets – personal, social, material, natural and financial – whilst connecting with like minded people to improve and grow ourselves and our environment. In this way we put the ‘power back into the people’ and allow all citizens to have more say concerning their own futures. Alongside ABCD we believe in transformative experiences through exposure and experience, exposing our project members to new ways of thinking and experiences that will enrich them.

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Connecting people from diverse backgrounds and places to create learning, sharing and healing spaces. We enable collaborations for ecological/human conservation and restoration, socio-cultural integration and holistic education.



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