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A well-thought-out food garden and land restoration design

The design for the Pearston Club space captures as much water as possible, is planted according to the contours of the land and considers ways of working with nature. The club food growers work with the Eco Youth Circles and other growers in the community to support, learn and share ways of looking after the earth and becoming more self-reliant.

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A few years ago we helped initiate an association of small farmers who grow vegetables in their own gardens for both home food security but also as a means to earn an income from their land. This group named themselves ‘Isakhula’ (starting small). We provided access to seeds and support, as well as a group saving’s scheme. Sophakama was unable to continue a working relationship for various reasons, but as a result of Covid-19, we extended a call for people to apply for seeds to grow at their own homes.
Thanks to a partnership with Soqaqamba Home in Pearston, almost 300 households applied, and Soqaqamba volunteers helped distribute food and seeds to households.

When lockdown ended, we put together a team on the ground to support and monitor a growing food association. Photos to follow of some visits to household gardens and re-starting a demonstration food garden at the club.

Responding to a request for guidance on growing food at home, we developed a basic, jargon free easy to use guide in partnerhsip with Layla Staegemann from Beneath the Leaf and Alhyrian Laue from TRY Ecosystems.

The booklet is translated into isiXhosa and Afrikaans. Please email if you are interested in receiving a copy. Proceeds will contribute towards a next volume.

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